Our Salted Meat Products in Chicago, IL

  • City Foods has been manufacturing salted meats for over 20 years.
  • Our salted meats are very lean and require no refrigeration.


• Bone-In Navels
• Boneless Navels
• Boneless Briskets


• Pork Tails
• Pork Snouts
• Pork Ears
• Pork Riblets

Available in 5-, 6-, 10- and 35-pound pails. Quantities from 1,500 pounds to 40 foot containers.

By the pail, pallet or trailer-load, our salted meats have been building a strong reputation and following in the U.S., Caribbean, Central and South America for over twenty years. Known for lean cuts, appealing fresh “cherry red” color and 90-day shelf life without refrigeration, City Foods’ salted meat products deliver consistent value, quality and flavor in even the most tropical of climates.

We manufacture our salted beef products using only lean, USDA-inspected beef which we purchase directly from western U.S. slaughterers. We have over 50 butchers who de-bone the navels and briskets within 48-hours after slaughter. We hand-select only the leanest pieces of navels and briskets for our salted beef pails.

All our salted pork products are whole big pieces of Number One quality pork, produced from the highest quality pork available, purchased from such major slaughterers as IBP/Tyson, Cargill and John Morrell.

We cure all of our meats using 100% saline solution – the maximum amount of salt. Sodium nitrite is used to fully cure the product. Sodium Erythorbate is added to give the meat and brine its desirable cherry red color. Sodium lactate lowers the pH level, further extending shelf life. After curing, all meats marinate in brine tanks with the cure for a minimum of 7 days. We pack our pails with extra salt placed on the meat before sealing.

We guarantee a shelf life of at least 6 months upon delivery without refrigeration.